Have you tried one of the best BB brands in the world yet? 

-Well, it's right about the time you did! 

Krinkovs Armory took Scandinavia by storm and is still one of the favorite brands amongst players who demand more out of their gameplay. More and more are shown the difference between a cheap dusty bb, and ours which competes with the prices here in Sweden. Quality doesn't have to be expensive as long as you know what you're doing. Quality isn't hard to find if you know where to look.

Quality is often mistaken to be linked to the bigger brands but not in the case of airsoft. 

Here is how to check the quality of your bbs

1: Take your regular bb´s at home and lift a few to the light. Take a good look at its surface.

2: Check the surface for a shiny smoothness, is it reflecting the light or is it dull? If it's dull you have been fooled to believe it's good quality. If it reflects the light, almost like it was made of glass, then you have a good bb brand.

This trick is used to see if your bb´s are double polished and washed, rather than rough polished and not washed. 

We at Krinkovs knew this trick a long time ago and started questioning why. We heard that some sniper players had to wash their bbs before using them just to get rid of the top layer of dust and grime of some well know bb brands. So, tell me if you never put a barrel cleaner into your gun and pulled of that white "dry milk" layer out of your barrel? That's what happens whit low-quality bbs, and it can be frustrating once you notice that your bbs are flying everywhere due to this layer in your barrel.

What's the difference:

Well, by taking a year just to study the producing factories and their quality checks, we found out that only a few had a better type of production quality. We asked them to show us the difference between one of highest costing bbs out there VS one of their own. The difference was shocking. They found air bubbles in the plastic and the polish was uneven and rough.
If you have some type of pliers at home, you can test your bbs by splitting them into two pieces to check the inner material of the bb. If you see an air bubble in the material or rough grains- that bb will wobble in flight or break inside your gun, and the worst case gets stuck inside your barrel.

How we present our bb´s:

Knowing these factors, we evolved a new breed of bb´s out on the market. They were double polished, which means that you have better fps, range, and joule consistency to every shot.
They are made of High-density polyethylene which has better quality than your regular low-density polymer bbs- you know, those who break in inside your barrel or scatter when you get shot in your mesh mouth guard. 
They are clean, right out of the bag which means that you don´t have to clean your barrel or get that single most important shot ruined by a stray flyer! 

End conclusions:

1. Is the price much higher than let's say ASG bb´s- perhaps depending on your store of choice, but not more than 1 Euro or 2.

2. Will I see an improvement right away- depends on how you look at your gameplay, if you a spray-and-pray kind of player who doesn´t care about range quality and consistency, you might first see the difference in your mag feeding since you would not have that jamming issue anymore. Our bbs do run smoother!
If you are that +60m range player, I would say definitely! You will notice the straightness of the bb trajectory and the Fps consistency. 

3. Smart eco-friendly packages. Our packages are delivered in a recyclable box, with wood wool to protect the products. We even replaced the plastic sealing tape with a paper version. So you could recycle the entire box.

4. We can't have a bio-friendly box without biodegradable bbs. Our assortment of bbs are mostly made out of a bio-degradable material and can be approved by your event holder.

A optimal innovation for a better game tomorrow